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Which undies are the best fit for me?

Currently we make two models of undies: Boxers and Trunks. But what's the difference really?


Trunks are quickly becoming the favourite cut for underwear among men in the know. Why? Trunk cut is a hybrid of brief and boxer without the heap of fabric. Simply put they are boxers with short legs and a square appearance.

If you usually like briefs but want to try something a little different, consider trunks. Our trunks come with the fly and they’re great for everyday, dressing up, going out and moderate sports. You can wear trunks with just about anything.



Boxers are longer than Trunks and will cover about half of your thigh. They offer protection from chafing during workouts and sports. With a moderate rise on the waist, our boxers come without the fly and are designed to provide the same or better support as standard briefs - but with a complete coverage.

Boxers are great both for everyday wear or all sports. They are an excellent choice for use at a gym, on bike, running trails, paddling and other activities where one moves the lower limbs a lot. During heavy exercise one might prefer boxer briefs over trunks, which on their turn are maybe more comfortable under suit pants or so. 

How to find your fit?

Our trunks and boxers are generally same size when compared to peers like the respected Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger or Björn Borg. When compared against the traditional cotton-elastane boxer briefs or trunks our fit is true size.

Also, our smoothshell fabric stretches two-way so you could find the smaller size to feel and fit you better! When looking at the size charts please note that the inch size is not the inch size of your jeans. For the best possible fit you can use measure tape to be sure about the right fit.

You will find the size charts on the product pages or from the following link where we have all of men's size charts.