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Mainly, there are two reasons for the higher value: first, recycled materials still cost more than the traditional ones, but when its use becomes more common, eventually the price of the raw material comes down. Another thing is that, even if our underwear is not meant to be worn from father to son, we want to make premium quality that lasts longer. We hate throwawayism and fast fashion.

Disposable culture and fast fashion is damaging to the environment and the economy. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 15.1 million tons of textile waste is generated yearly, of which 12.8 million tons were discarded.

My grandmother used to say ”I can never afford to buy cheap”. She was so right!

You don’t want pants riding up your backside, cutting into your skin, or generally causing you any sort of discomfort when you’re sat. 

Ideally, the best underwear you shouldn’t even notice you’re wearing. That's what we deliver.