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Our Mission

We all have heard that brands must have a compelling purpose — but what does that mean? What is our Mission?

Our underwear is your fundamental layer of confidence.

  • We want to be the best underwear brand in the world. In order to make it happen, we need to work hard and earn your trust.
  • We wanted to create underwear that is not causing troubles down there. Once you wear these, you won't ever want to wear anything else. Why? You'll never catch our products being a pain in your butt because you hardly notice that you're wearing them. 
  • We want you to feel confident, successful, presentable and ready to tackle the world.
    You feel confident when you don't have to worry unnecessarily about your underwear.
  • Perfectly designed for casual everyday use as well as for intense sports.

We are constantly developing new things, but only with what we know. So you won't see us making sneakers, hoodies or bags. If you have a great idea or feedback for our product development team, please shoot us an email to team@theotherdanishguy.com and we'll make sure your feedback will be carefully taken in notice.


But there is more here. We believe that we all have a lot more abilities and potential than we even understand.

Our bigger purpose is helping people to overcome the paralyzing fear of failure, which prevents them from challenging their limits.

When you believe yourself, anything is possible.